Cowboys' Dez Offers LeBron Cramp Solution

LeBron James has high-profile muscle cramps. And suddenly everyone with a marketing tie wants to offer high-profile solutions. That's why Dez Bryant is not only throwing up the X - he's also throwing out a suggestion on Twitter.

LeBron James' muscle cramp in Game 1 of the NBA Finals is central to the story of Miami's loss at San Antonio.

And suddenly, everyone is offering a "fix'' -- including Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant is affiliated with BioSteel, a company that makes the "high-caliber sports nutrition product." (As Dez made clear on Twitter.) Meanwhile, Gatorade is poking fun at LeBron for being a PowerAde man. And Kobe Bryant is insisting that players be allowed to choose their in-game energy drink (with, of course, his own marketing tie).

We'll keep you posted as to when Jason Witten chimes in with an endorsement of that pickle juice of his.